Take the lead 
in adventure.

Take the lead <br/>in adventure.

Audi A8 L/S8 plus Accessories

Passions deserve to be actively pursued.

The right gear can help you extend your comfort zone beyond the city limits. Whether you want to take more with you or keep it better organized, Audi Genuine Accessories were designed specifically to fit your Audi A8 family. Choose from a wide selection of items that can keep up with your active lifestyle.

Audi A8 L/S8 plus Accessories

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Audi S8 plus Transport

You’re not limited to just a carry-on.

The freedom to take more with you starts with our line of transport items. Our base carrier bars, which are only available for the Audi S8 plus, serve as the versatile foundation for a bike or ski rack or our compact cargo carrier.[1] And our collection of transport bags are constructed with materials that are designed for the long haul.

Compact cargo carrier[1]

Extra gear doesn’t have to take up valuable cargo space when it’s time for a road trip with our aerodynamic carrier that offers a generous 10.5-cu-ft capacity. Silver (shown) or Black. Size: 76.8" long, 26.4" wide x 15.7" high.
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Base carrier bars[1]

Attached to strong side brackets, these are the foundation of the Audi roof rack system, and the link between you and your passions. Use the base carrier bars with all of our available rooftop attachments.
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Small cargo carrier[1]

Use 12.7 cu ft of extra storage to get started on your weekend getaway. Silver (shown) or Black. Size: 70.9" long, 33.5" wide, 15.7" high.
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Ski and snowboard racks[1]

These racks help transport your equipment to the slopes. The standard attachment (shown) holds two sets of skis or two snowboards. And if you’re headed to the water, it can hold one wakeboard. A deluxe attachment, sold separately, holds up to six sets of skis or four snowboards.
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Thule® SUP Taxi[1]

The Thule SUP Taxi features a telescoping design that fits boards up to 34" wide, and includes a steel reinforced webbing and spring-loaded locking cam to secure your boards during transportation.
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Aluminum bike rack[1]

Help protect your other ride. This locking holder fits 20- to 80-mm bike frames with both wheels on the bike and helps keep the bike upright as you secure it in place.
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Fork-mount bike rack[1]

Pursuing your favorite pastime just got easier. Made of anodized aluminum, this bike rack features a quick-clamping device that can be secured with the included lock. A wheel-holder attachment (sold separately) conveniently mounts the front wheel of the bike and is suitable for wheels with disc brakes.
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Cargo transport bags

Choose the ideal size for your next vacation. These bags feature practical carrying handles and flat, waterproof bases to help protect your gear. They fit handily into Audi rooftop cargo carriers (sold separately).
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Rear storage bags[2]

For both short and long journeys, the rear storage bag is an ideal travel companion. It can easily be fastened in the vehicle with the aid of the standard 3-point safety belt and remains in place with an anti-slip bottom. Four separate zip openings offer a wide variety of storage options, and it’s easy to remove and take with you. The bag must be fastened using the standard safety belt while driving.
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Audi A8 L/S8 plus Comfort and Protection

Don’t let your guard down.

Audi Comfort and Protection Accessories are engineered and designed to fit your Audi A8 family and your life. From all-weather floor mats to sunshield accessories—these items help protect your A8 to make all the difference.

All-weather floor mats

The all-weather floor mats feature a deep-
ribbed, channeled design that helps protect your vehicle’s floor and carpeting from the elements. Black mats are available in a set of two and feature the A8 logo.
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All-weather cargo mat

Custom fit for your Audi A8 family, the raised outside edge of the cargo mat helps contain spills and protect cargo-area carpeting from stains. The textured material helps control load shifting.
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Indoor car cover

A lightweight, easy-to-use cover helps protect the finish of your Audi A8. Intended for indoor use only. Includes a storage bag.
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Interior cargo box

This black polyester organizer assembles with Velcro® tabs to help hold items in your vehicle’s cargo area. It cleans easily and folds flat when not in use. Measures approximately 18.5" long, 13" wide, 7.75" high and holds 32 liters.
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Wheel lock kit / Splash guards
Audi cooling tote / Warning triangle

Audi Comfort and Protection Accessories

Wheel locks help provide an added layer of anti-theft protection, while stylish splash guards[3] help protect the finish of your Audi. The stylish tote bag is made with a layer of insulating materials to help keep your food and beverages cool. And for extra awareness during emergency situations, the portable warning triangle is covered with reflective materials to help improve visibility.
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Audi A8 L/S8 plus Sport and Design

Designed for sport.
A certain passion arises where design confidence meets sport competence. With Audi Sport® and Design Accessories, you can put this rare combination on prominent display and make a unique statement about your taste.
Audi Beam (quattro® logo also available)
quattro® decal
Audi Sport® license plate frame

Audi Sport® and Design Accessories

Audi Sport and quattro® accessories demonstrate your passion for sport. The Audi Beam replaces the entry light under your vehicle’s door, illuminating your pride with the four rings or quattro® logo projected on the ground below. Audi Sport license plate frames[3] are subtle ways to show your brand enthusiasm.
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Audi A8 L/S8 plus Wheels

Distinctive style comes full circle.
Audi Genuine Wheels give you unique design options that can help produce the drive quality you expect from Audi vehicles.

19" A8 L/S8 plus Winter Wheel and Tire Package

Adding style and performance, this winter wheel and tire package features Audi Original winter tires specifically engineered to help improve traction and handling in a variety of winter weather conditions.[4] See your authorized Audi dealer for details.

Tire totes

These durable cases store and help protect winter, all-season or performance wheels and tires when they are not mounted on your vehicle. Felt pads are sold separately.
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Audi A8 L/S8 plus Car Care

Staring is caring.
Let’s face it: You’re going to get some looks in your Audi A8. Taking care to use the right Car Care accessories can help maintain your vehicle’s aesthetics for its most important admirer: you.
Premium car wash mitt / Cleaning technologies
Leather care / Wheel brush

Audi Car Care products[3]

Specifically designed for your vehicle—Audi Guard Car Care products provide gentle cleansing formulas and special tools to help give all interior and exterior surfaces some of the finest in cleaning and protection. Our shampoos and waxes provide cleaning performance, change in luster and material compatibility. For lasting shine and sparkle, trust Audi Guard.
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Audi A8 L/S8 plus Communication

Preparation meets appeal.
The interior of your Audi A8 helps give you the comforts of home, even when you’re far afield. Getting in close contact with the people you care about and illuminating the way forward are just a couple of ways Audi Genuine Accessories can help you be connected to your world.
USB memory key
Pocket penlight
SD data storage card

Audi Electronics Accessories

Whether it’s a long road trip or your daily commute, the miles seem to go by faster with your favorite playlist. Load your tunes onto the SD data storage card and play them on your Audi A8 audio system. The USB memory key card comes in handy when you need to move data in a flash. And the portability of the pocket penlight can be useful in and out of your vehicle.
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From Audi collection—Ladies’ angled zip jacket
Audi accessories and Audi collection are the keys to your journey.
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