The science behind <br/>traveling light.
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Exterior lighting
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From one point of view, the journey of light begins with our eyes. Through a series of chemical reactions in the optic nerve, the human eye creates electrical impulses that process and transmit light to the brain. At Audi, light is a driving force behind innovation, and the ability to develop, harness, manipulate and cast light become serious considerations in producing vehicles that set technological and design trends.
OLED taillights
The future looks bright.
Audi pushes the boundaries of creativity with OLED (organic light-emitting diode) technology, a uniform and precise light that doesn’t cast harsh shadows or require reflectors. When the vehicle doors are locked or unlocked or the brake pedal is depressed, small individually controlled OLED segments activate three-dimensional light shows, unique to and available on the 2018 TT RS and 2019 A8.
When the Audi A8 is unlocked or locked, the available OLED taillight animation sequence activates, with two parallel loops stretching horizontally across the trunk lid.
LED headlights
Make intelligent eye contact.
Audi HD Matrix LED headlights work with the vehicle’s navigation, using a front camera and precision onboard sensors to gather information to produce exceptional, individually segmented high beam light. Based on the data the system receives, the LEDs can be automatically and individually activated or dimmed, with several million lighting configurations.
Fluid movement-like lights initiate the subtle yet striking design of the Audi A8 lighting sequence, followed by a headlight animation and high beam strobe effect.
Always thinking ahead.
While approaching a vehicle from behind, the HD Matrix LED headlight camera activates intelligent light displacement. Transitioning to a courtesy low beam, the lighting segments remain dim in anticipation of a vehicle lane change while the high beam pattern illuminates around the vehicle in front of you.
Play well with others.
As the forward-facing HD Matrix LED headlight camera recognizes oncoming traffic, the system makes adjustments, voiding out light cones that shine directly toward opposing vehicles. Integrated into an elegant design package, this available adaptive light helps give the driver improved visibility. This technology is beneficial not only for Audi owners but everyone we share the road with.[1]
Ambient lighting
In living color.
How an eye can interpret color is determined by wavelengths of reflected light that reach the retina. Interestingly, your surroundings and its colors can influence your emotions. While some have a calming effect, others can increase your heart rate that can play an important role in determining comfort while riding in the passenger seat and rear compartment. The colored ambient lighting is a primary design feature that helps to enhance the lines of the interior.
Enhance your comfort zone.
Add a touch of color to your Audi with available interior lighting options. Create an ambiance to match your current mood or an outfit of the day with technology that gives you access to a customizable color palette.