Slick engineering is
an applied science.

Slick engineering is <br/>an applied science.
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A warning of 
a good omen.
You can see this as the silver lining in dark clouds. As weather conditions change and become more demanding, with available quattro® all-wheel drive, engineered to adapt by redistributing power to the wheels when a loss of traction is detected. With quattro®, it helps you be better prepared for what may come.
Remember the old saying: oil and water don’t mix.
During the first few minutes of rainfall, oil that has accumulated on the road rises above the water. This can reduce the amount of traction your vehicle’s tires have with the asphalt.[1]
Proceed with caution.
Even a thin layer of water can affect the amount of traction your vehicle’s tires will have on the asphalt. Because a wet road is more slippery, your tires can lose traction sooner than they would in dry conditions.[1]
Tread lightly.
Although tire tread patterns are designed to evacuate water, there are instances when the amount of water exceeds the tire’s ability to maintain contact with the road. This is known as hydroplaning, or aquaplaning.
Take the reins and stick 
with confidence.
Gain a sense of self-control.
With the help of sensors and differentials, available quattro® all-wheel drive can detect a loss of traction. When slip is detected, the system can send torque to the axle or wheel with the most traction to help your vehicle maintain its intended path.[1]
When traction 
comes full circle.
Understanding the rules of driving physics can be challenging, but is easily explained using this diagram. The diameter of the circle of forces represents the maximum field of traction for
one wheel. In a two-wheel drive vehicle, the field of traction is limited to the total applicable amount of force that can be applied through two wheels during acceleration and turning phases of driving. All-wheel drive vehicles increase the total potential field by distributing torque to all four wheels, thereby widening the limit of each wheel while increasing the total amount of possible force before wheel slip occurs.
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