Take control 
at face value.

Take control <br/>at face value.
Virtual cockpit
The center of attention.
Behind the wheel of your Audi, a commanding focal point—aside from the road—is the available Audi virtual cockpit. Positioned within your line of sight, this intuitive digital display provides traditional and customizable on-demand information when and where it’s wanted, helping to improve the way you interact with your vehicle and the road ahead. Enter commands using the multifunction steering wheel, switch between display modes with the ‘View’ button and access the complete suite of Audi virtual cockpit functions with the MMI ® interface selector wheel.[1]
European model shown.
Classic mode
A timeless 
point of
Traditional by design, Classic mode features a layout with a large diameter tachometer and speedometer split with a 12.3-inch center screen. This high-resolution display produces sharp graphics with fine details for navigation and can display customizable, on-demand information, such as Audi drive select settings.
Infotainment mode
how far you can go.
With Infotainment mode, the central display screen takes the main stage as the tachometer and speedometer are deemphasized to an optimal minimum, enhancing exploration of the MMI® navigation[2], Audi connect®[3], telephone and multimedia features. Powered with fast NVIDIA® processors, Audi virtual cockpit produces smooth and vibrant imagery with lifelike quality, transforming the user experience on the road.
Sport mode
Think fast.
Audi S and RS models are equipped with distinct Audi virtual cockpit compositions that display and prioritize information inspired by Audi race cars. When it’s go time, Sport mode features a large tachometer along with additional readings for torque, power output, lap counter, g-forces, gear selection and tire pressure, creating a thrilling performance for Audi enthusiasts that won’t soon be forgotten.[4]