Good ideas have a way
of sticking around.
Audi quattro®
More than
three decades
and counting.
Until we introduced quattro® in 1980, all-wheel drive was relegated to more utilitarian platforms such as trucks and off-road vehicles. But we didn’t think the increased traction of four driven wheels should be reserved for special conditions. We knew it could benefit you every day. Which is why quattro® continues to evolve, becoming smarter and more effective with every new development.
With quattro®
Without quattro®
All-wheel drive has a unique signature. While two straight lines are not very artistic, it shows the ability to help maintain grip. The scribble of tire tracks in the picture without quattro® reveals a two-wheel-drive vehicle struggling for traction.
quattro® all-wheel drive
Traditional Audi all-wheel drive—where all four wheels are engaged in transferring power to the road—all the time.
Sport differential
The available quattro® sport rear differential can help direct additional torque to the outside rear cornering wheel. By overdriving the outside cornering wheel, agility is enhanced while helping minimize understeer.[1]
Using sensors to detect a loss of traction, an electronically controlled differential reacts by sending power to the front or rear axles to help regain traction.
Reading and responding.
When a vehicle transitions from normal road conditions to conditions such as snow, quattro® can recognize it and shift the majority of torque to the axle with the most traction to help maximize traction.
Faster than you think.
Wheel speed sensors monitor traction and send the information to the system’s electronic control unit. Quick thinking and constantly at work, the quattro® control unit can make up to 15,000 readings per second.[1]
150 readings every 10 m/s
15,000 readings every second
quattro® with ultra® technology
Our latest innovation is the available quattro® all-wheel drive with ultra® technology. Using sensors and data such as weather conditions, ultra® technology can switch from two-wheel drive to all-wheel drive in anticipation of low-grip situations such as rain or snow. A sophisticated electronically controlled multi-plate clutch center differential and claw-coupling rear differential engages quickly, virtually unnoticed as it goes into action.
Getting to know you.
Audi quattro with ultra® technology is able to study how you drive, from the way you press the accelerator or apply the brakes. Using this data, predictive systems are able to help anticipate your commands and make adjustments to quattro® torque distribution to better suit your driving style.
To help quattro® respond to changing conditions, the differentials are equipped with clutches that can engage or disengage in 200 milliseconds. So when slip is detected, quattro® responds by the time you’ve finished blinking.[1]
200 m/s engagement time
500 m/s before it is needed
Uphill, downhill,
through the corners.
Rarely is your journey on the straight and narrow. That’s why quattro® with ultra® technology is engineered to help you maintain your control as the road twists and turns, climbs and descends. With its ability to help detect a loss of traction and re-distribute torque, quattro® can be ready to respond when needed.[1]
Audi quattro®
For more than 35 years, our legendary quattro® all-wheel drive has pushed vehicle performance — and the thrill of the ride.