Finding your home
in the balance.

Finding your home <br/>in the balance.
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Home Everywhere
Civilization is always close, no matter how far afield.
Home isn’t just a place, it’s a time of reflection for yourself. These Audi collection items were designed to bring an element of style, comfort and convenience to help you feel at home, no matter where you are.
D’Blanc Prologue Ladies’ Sunglasses
Give your look an Apennine flair with these Italian frames from D’Blanc. With Mazzucchelli acetate between lens and frame and ‘60s-inspired styling, these are perfect for a day in the sun or behind the wheel.
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Audi Tumbling Tower Game Set
Just like the progressive engineering that went into your Audi vehicle, this game is all about balance, weight distribution and discipline. Each block is a slightly different weight and size to make every tower a new challenge.[1]
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Ladies’ Blume Tank
A relaxed tank offers an elegant yet understated underpinning upon which to build your ensemble. Perfect for daywear or after dark, this lightweight garment contours an angular neckline and drapes into the curved hem.
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Chronograph Watch
As an Audi enthusiast, you’ll appreciate the quartz movement and the high-quality workmanship of the stainless-steel housing. Modern design and the Audi rings logo help strike a contemporary look for those with a knack for being fashionably on time or early if you drive an R8.
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Ladies’ Roam Tee
Travel curiously with the Ladies' Roam tee. An open neckline and a unique droptail hem make this subtle ready-to-wear a standout.
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Cosmo Tote
It may be convenient, but a tote bag should be more than a fashion afterthought. Polyester with genuine leather accents emblazoned with the Audi rings logo cradle your articles, and four pockets help you stay organized on the go.
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Tavik® Hale Jacket
Just like quattro® technology, this shirt was developed with inspiration from an all-weather military application, and it can help you adapt to changing conditions.
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Ottoman Cooler
There might not be a more idyllic combination than a midday drive and an afternoon picnic. A twenty-four-can capacity and a collapsible design with a center divider match the practical elegance of your Audi vehicle. And the padded lid functions as a seat, with an ingenious front panel door for easy access.
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Ladies’ Draussen Long-Sleeve Tee
A gently contoured hem balances a subtly scooped neckline for a modest, everyday look. Fine French terry fabric is so stretchy and soft that you might want to wear it every day.
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Asobu® Coldbrew
As an Audi enthusiast, you’re no stranger to breakthrough engineering ideas, so why should your coffee be any different? A copper-insulated steel carafe and a unique clear TRITAN™ brewing carafe fit together elegantly with patent-pending leak-proof technology to give you cold brew wherever your adventures take you.
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Suitsupply® Bags
Timeless premium leather and a contemporary design orchestrate an impeccable suite of baggage. Subtle Audi rings logo debossing shows off your tastes beyond your overnighter.
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Cigar Flask
The potential for a quiet moment of contemplation is always with you, especially with the Cigar Flask set in tow. This potent portable features a cigar cutter and two stainless steel cylinders that seal tightly to help protect your cigar and 2.5 ounces of your favorite potable.[2]
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Tavik® Uncle Short-Sleeve
Introduce a little Audi pride into your Oxford button-down collection with this 100% cotton shirt. Contrast stitching and thoughtful fit echo touches in your Audi vehicle.
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quattro® Reise Mug
How you start your morning sets the pace for your day, so it can’t hurt to bring a little Audi inspiration to the breakfast table. This 16-oz. stonewear mug comes adorned with the Audi quattro® logo outside and black glaze inside for a gripping aesthetic.
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Watch with Calendar Weeks
A watch that not only tells the time but the calendar weeks can be important for those with an eye on the big picture. After all, time is all about perspective. Swiss-made movement, K1 mineral glass crystal and chic European styling make this a perfect gift for those who live for the moment.
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