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The 2019 Audi A8 makes its grand 
entrance at the Los Angeles Auto Show.
Though it takes place near the end of the calendar year, the Los Angeles Auto Show® marks the beginning of every auto show season. Southern California, especially downtown Los Angeles, provides the perfect setting to make a debut. After all, the weather can’t be beat, and car culture thrives there year-round since cars are an essential component to the everyday lives of the region’s residents.
Positioned at the entrance to the South Hall of the Los Angeles Convention Center, an Audi shrine celebrates the latest models bearing the iconic four rings logo. From the performance line of RS series sports coupes and sedans to recent additions to the Audi collection line, this attractive display reveals a very special guest: a production-model 2019 A8 sedan. The fourth generation brings future premium with state-of-the-art driver assistance technologies and innovative Audi AI active suspension.
An available animated OLED taillight sequence activates when the A8 is unlocked or locked.
A walk-around of the 2019 Audi A8 reveals beauty to complement its life-simplifying tech. The bold front-end design with HD Matrix LED headlights and the Singleframe® grille flows out to a muscular body shape, accented with available dynamic, animated OLED lighting on the rear. For the first time, the ASF® chassis is constructed with four lightweight materials to help create an even stronger vehicle in comparison to its predecessor.
The elegant profile of the 2018 A8 remains true to the Audi design language, with sleek and modern lines stretching across the vehicle.
The rear seats provide comfort and entertainment to passengers with touch-activated technologies.
MMI touch response® is an intelligent 10.1-inch touchscreen unit located in the center console above the climate control panel.
Photo: Audi AG
Looking inside, the 2019 Audi A8 presents luxury in its purest form. Equipped with a standard Audi virtual cockpit and an all-new touchscreen MMI® system, the intuitive infotainment system can be accessed through your fingertips or by voice activation.
The fourth generation brings future 
premium with state-of-the-art driver 
assistance technologies and innovative 
Audi AI active suspension.
Bold and beautiful, the A8 signature Singleframe® grille is accented with Matrix LED headlights.
Configure your Audi vehicle at the large touchscreens and share your creation on social media.
One view that never gets old: the sporty face of the R8 coupe.
Beneath the hood is a new turbocharged 3.0L V6 engine paired with a standard 48-volt electric mild-hybrid drivetrain that operates with a quick-shifting eight-speed Tiptronic® transmission and standard quattro® all-wheel drive. The mild hybrid also powers the suspension, helping to provide sporty agility and gentle ride comfort to this premium sedan chassis.
In addition to the 2019 A8, our entire line of high-performance Audi Sport vehicles were also on display, including the stunning R8. And for the hardcore enthusiast, select pieces from the stylish Audi collection give you ways to extend your love for the four rings beyond your vehicle.
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