Electrify your City

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From Hong Kong to Montreal—Formula E is bringing electrifying experiences to ten major cities around the globe. Five of them are presented here. Yet this isn’t just about motorsports. This is about the future of mobility—and the future is electric.
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Circuit: Monaco, 05/13/17
Length: 1.76 km / 1.09 mi
Corners: 12
Circuit de Monaco: On the Cote d’Azur, the season’s shortest circuit awaited the Formula E drives. Covering a distance of 1.76 kilometers, the circuit near the harbor wound its way through the densely populated principality. The starting grid and finish line were the same ones used for the legendary Formula One circuit. Competitors also negotiated time-honored challenges such as the Tabac and Piscine corners.
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Circuit: Paris, 05/20/17
Length: 1.93 km / 1.20 mi
Corners: 14
Circuit des Invalides: The circuit near the River Seine led around the Hotel des Invalides, passing Napoleon’s tomb. Always visible in the background, the Eiffel Tower. Along the two straights, cars could reach top speeds of up to 200 kilometers per hour.
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Circuit: Berlin, 06/10-06/11/17
Length: 2.25 km / 1.40 mi
Corners: 10
Berlin: Formula E returned to Berlin for a third time, as the all-electric race cars went back to the historic Tempelhof Airport track, with dramatic terminal buildings creating an impressive backdrop. The all-new circuit at Tempelhof promised to give spectators closer access to the action during the two-day event. The June 11 race replaced the July 1 Brussels ePrix.
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Circuit: New York City, 07/15-07/16/17
Length: 1.947 km / 1.21 mi
Corners: 13
Red Hook: Toward the end of the season, Formula E traveled to The City That Never Sleeps to become the first FIA racing series to achieve what has eluded the Formula One series for decades. With Wall Street at their backs and a view of the Statue of Liberty ahead, the drivers once more pushed their cars to the limit in Brooklyn. A mix of speed, hairpin bends and a narrow infield directly on the water.
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Circuit: Montreal,07/29-7/30/17
Length: 2.75 km / 1.71 mi
Corners: 14
St. Lawrence River: The Canadian city of Montreal was the venue for the season finale. Along the banks of the St. Lawrence River, race cars competed on a circuit leading around the “Maison de Radio-Canada” skyscraper owned by the national broadcasting corporation. The 2.75-kilometer circuit included numerous 90-degree bends. An additional highlight during that weekend was the city’s 375th birthday.