We’re driving math ...

We’re driving math ...

2019 Audi A3 Engineering

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Whether you choose front-wheel drive or a quattro® all-wheel drive, scalable power is at your command in the Audi A3.

horsepower, A3 Sedan 40 TFSI® (2.0T)


horsepower, A3 Sedan 45 TFSI® (2.0T) quattro®


lb-ft of torque, A3 Sedan 40 TFSI® (2.0T)


lb-ft of torque, A3 Sedan 45 TFSI® (2.0T) quattro®


0-60 mph (sec.), A3 Sedan 40 TFSI® (2.0T)


0-60 mph[2] (sec.), A3 Sedan 45 TFSI® (2.0T) quattro®

40 TFSI® (2.0T)

Confidence emanates capability, and when you choose the front-wheel drive Audi A3, you’ll experience the intensity of its self-assured handling and power delivery.

45 TFSI® (2.0T) quattro®

2.0-liter TFSI® direct injection engine. The quick shifts of the S-tronic® dual-clutch automatic transmission. 228 horsepower. With the Audi A3 quattro®, moving performance is closer than it may appear.[2]
S-tronic® dual-clutch automatic transmission
Change gears in just a few hundredths of a second to stay in the ideal rev range and enjoy comfortable cruising at highway speeds.
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Audi drive select—Comfort mode

Comfort mode favors a softer suspension[3] and boosted steering power assistance that is ideal for long-distance travel.

Audi drive select—Auto mode

Auto mode provides the most balanced engine and chassis response.

Audi drive select—Dynamic mode

Dynamic mode provides the best engine and chassis settings for performance driving conditions.[2] The steering is heavier for a more direct feel, the shift pattern is tuned for immediate response, and on S3 models, the suspension[3] is optimized for handling and body control.

2019 Audi S3 Engineering

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With 288 hp, traction provided by quattro® all-wheel drive, Audi progressive steering and available Audi magnetic ride suspension, this is a precision sports car that gets every ounce of performance potential out of the engine without breaking a sweat.[2]

horsepower, S3 Sedan


0-60 mph[2] (sec.), S3 Sedan


lb-ft of torque, S3 Sedan


mph[2, 4] top track speed, S3 Sedan

S3 Sedan

Reinforced internal valve train components go hand in hand with higher turbo boost and software tuning to help manage every powerful drive in your S3.[2]

Seven-speed S-tronic® dual-clutch automatic transmission

The S-tronic® transmission uses two internal clutches to change gears in just a few hundredths of a second. With seven gears it’s easy to stay in the powerband or maintain relaxed cruising speeds.[2]

Audi magnetic ride

Using a synthetic blend of hydrocarbon oil containing tiny magnetic particles between 3 and 10 microns in diameter, available Audi magnetic ride adjusts the firmness of the dampers to help match the current road conditions within a few milliseconds by creating a magnetic field within the shock absorber. Drivers can choose between a more comfortable ride or a sportier experience to suit the situation and their personal preference.

Progressive steering

A tight initial turning ratio combined with progressive steering means that the S3 turns more directly and is more responsive the more input you give the steering wheel.