We don’t take
illumination lightly.

We don’t take<br/>illumination lightly.

2019 Audi A3 LED

Giving shape 
to light.
Ahead of its time, Audi made LED lighting a style statement. It not only changed the way you see the road, it changed the way others see you.

Available full LED headlights

A unique array of precisely contoured LED daytime running lights provide the Audi A3 with a distinctive light signature. Available full LED headlights have a light spectrum similar to the color of daylight.

Benefits of LED

The light from LEDs can be more similar to daylight than halogen or xenon, which helps make it easier on your eyes. LEDs also consume less energy and last longer than conventional bulbs.

Available high-beam assistant

Detecting light from oncoming vehicles or well-lit areas, high-beam assistant can automatically switch from the high-beam to the low-beam setting to help avoid distracting oncoming traffic.[1]

Xenon plus headlights

Standard on the Audi A3, xenon plus headlights and LED daytime running lights help give an illuminating view of the road and form the nexus of the Shoulder line.
2018 A3 Sedan shown

LED taillights with dynamic turn signals

Three-dimensional geometry helps the LED taillights emphasize vehicle width. Available sweeping dynamic rear turn signals help send clear intentions.