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In case you missed it.
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2018 Audi A4 Driver assistance

The intersection of 
awareness and support.
Because you can’t see everything, we developed Audi pre sense®, a host of features that help alert you as well as assist you in a variety of situations. Using cameras and radar sensors, Audi pre sense helps act as your extra pair of eyes.[1]
An elevated presence 
of mind.
Audi pre sense® helps monitor driving conditions around your vehicle with a sophisticated front-facing camera and available front/rear-facing radar and ultrasonic sensors.[1]

Audi pre sense® basic

Standard on all Audi A4, A4 allroad® and S4 models, Audi pre sense basic can begin closing the side windows and sunroof, tightening the front safety belts in the case of an unexpected event on the road.[1]

Audi pre sense® city

Detect oncoming vehicles and pedestrians with standard Audi pre sense city, which can initiate emergency braking from speeds up to 52 mph to help avoid unforeseen collisions.[1]

Vehicle exit assist

Help prevent accidents with other vehicles or cyclists approaching from behind while the vehicle doors are open. Available vehicle exit assist uses rear radar sensors to help alert the driver or passenger by monitoring traffic from behind the vehicle.[1]

Rear cross traffic assist

Back out of a parking space with confidence using the available rear cross traffic assist, which helps detect rear traffic and alerts the driver or initiates braking if necessary.[1]
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Collision avoidance assist

If there is a potential collision, available Collision avoidance assist can help support the driver by providing steering guidance.[1]

Turn assist

Avoid oncoming traffic when making a left-hand turn at slow speeds (under 7mph) with the help of available Turn assist, which can stop the vehicle if there is a perceived hazard.[1]

Audi adaptive cruise control and Traffic jam assist [2]

Maintain a set following distance during changing traffic speeds. In low speed traffic this available system can provide guided acceleration, braking and steering, to help support you in stressful traffic situations.[1]

Traffic sign recognition and head-up display

Available traffic sign recognition uses a camera-based system to help detect common road signs such as speed limits and school zones and can display the information on the available Audi virtual cockpit and head-up display.[1]

Audi side assist

Available Audi side assist uses radar sensors and two different optical warnings to help keep the driver informed about what is approaching from hard-to-see angles behind the vehicle.[1]

Audi active lane assist

The available Audi active lane assist helps detect when the vehicle begins to leave the lane without signaling. Then, through gentle, corrective steering efforts, it helps the vehicle remain in the lane and vibrates the steering wheel as an additional warning.[1]

Parking system plus with 
available top view camera system

Available parking system plus features 8 (four front and four rear) acoustic parking sensors and an available top view camera system for a bird’s-eye view displayed on the MMI®. For added benefit, the standard rear view camera offers selectable guidelines for parking in parallel or perpendicular spaces.[1]

Driver assistance



Audi A4 Sedan

C300 Sedan

BMW 330i Sedan

Rear cross 
traffic assist
Vehicle exit
Traffic jam 
Based on manufacturers’ data available at time of publication. 
Mercedes-Benz USA, LLC. BMW of North America, LLC.
* When equipped with the seven-speed S tronic® dual-clutch 
automatic transmission.

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