Craftsmanship without limits helps...

Craftsmanship without limits helps...

2019 Audi A5 Interior design

compose art
from within.
Fire, Arctic cold, intense UV rays. We subject the interior materials to extreme conditions to help make sure they’ll leave the same lasting impression.[1]

Wing design dashboard

Evoking a sense of space and clarity, the wing design dashboard features the hallmark quality of Audi materials and puts the controls in their ideal space in the cabin, helping to promote a relaxed focus during your drive.[2]

Standard leather seating

Starting with some of the finest raw materials, Audi creates refined leather seating surfaces that underscore the connection between luxury and comfort. Soft to the touch and supportive to help hold you in place with available front sport seats.

Available ventilated front seats and neck-level heating

Ventilated front seats circulate cool air, and on the Audi A5 Cabriolet, an available head and neck-level heating system helps warm the driver and front passenger when it’s chilly.
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Standard three-zone automatic climate control

Three zones of cooling or heating help occupants dial in the temperatures that make them most comfortable. Settings displayed on the dials and function keys with touch feedback make for easy adjustment.

Panoramic sunroof *

The Coupe and Sportback models feature a standard panoramic sunroof that draws light and clarity into the cabin, enlightening every drive.
*Available on Coupe and Sportback only

Acoustic folding roof

Made with advanced aeroacoustic materials to help absorb unwanted noise, the Audi A5 Cabriolet acoustic folding roof helps keep the interior comfortably quiet when the top is up.