Keeping the arts alive.

Keeping the arts alive.

2018 Audi A7 Exterior design

There’s nothing abstract about this expressionism.
Design has an influence on all facets of life, from fashion to architecture to what we drive. In the Audi A7, art and performance work in harmony to make an impression from the outside and an experience behind the wheel.
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Singleframe® grille

It’s the iconic Four Rings that grab your attention first. The Singleframe grille shines bright on the front fascia with a wide, diamond-inspired shape that presents a unique face to the world.

Twin trapezoidal exhaust

To add an element of distinction, the twin exhaust outlets feature a trapezoidal design and are neatly integrated within the lower rear valance.

Sloping rear roofline

Much like a well-designed sports coupe, the sleek roofline tapers gracefully towards the rear of the car to meet with rear fenders and taillights.

Design-enhancing bodylines

Unrestrained creativity is why the Audi A7 looks like no other. Notice the S-shaped curve of the front fender and how the rear fenders finish in the same shape. The design elements are subtle yet highly effective in setting the A7 apart from the crowd.

S line® sport and 20" Black optic packages

Add performance and a stealth touch to your Audi A7 with the available S line sport and 20" Black optic packages. S line bumpers and side sills, 20" 5-spoke W design wheels and available Black optic elements emphasize its sporty character. A lowered sport suspension completes the look.

2018 Audi S7 Exterior design

Design language that speaks fluent performance.
Aluminum optic exterior mirror housings and a track-inspired rear diffuser signify the elevated performance of the Audi S7. Special 20" 5-parallel-spoke S design wheels come standard on the S7, and S7 badges announce its presence.

S model design elements

To give it a high-performance look, the Audi S7 features an Aluminum-optic finish on the front bumper blades and exterior side mirror housings and around the rear lower valance. Platinum Gray on the Singleframe® grille also sets the S7 apart.

Audi S7 Black optic package

For an under-the-radar look, the available Audi S7 20" or 21" Black optic package features high-gloss Black trim around the side windows, Singleframe® grille and body-colored exterior side mirror housings. Audi Sport® 20" or 21" wheels in Titanium-matte finish are paired with summer performance tires.[1] But even if you’re under the radar you may not avoid detection.