Speak with
your hands.

Speak with<br/>your hands.

2018 Audi A7 MMI®

Control through intuition.
By studying how we use our hands, we simplified the MMI® interface so you can use motions and gestures that come naturally and instinctively.

MMI® touch

Make a call, change a station or find the restaurant you’ve been wanting to try. That’s all possible with just a touch or swipe of touchpad, the press of a button or innovative handwriting recognition. MMI touch makes it easy to access a variety of systems through the intuitive motions of your hand.[1]

Google Earth™ navigation in-dash display

Important navigation information should be in your field of vision. We placed the available Google Earth™ satellite imagery behind the wheel, between the gauges so you don’t have to look to the side.[2] The vibrant screen helps keep you on track with turn-by-turn directions and semi-dynamic route guidance provided by INRIX XD Traffic.[3]