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this so you don’t have to.

We help make sense of <br/>this so you don’t have to.

2018 Audi A8 Driver assistance

Your guide through the chaos.

We developed driver assistance systems to help make your drive a little less stressful. The Audi A8 is equipped with available radar technology to help increase awareness during lane changes in congested traffic. An available top view camera system can help make backing out of a parking spot easier by notifying you about an oncoming vehicle. We develop these systems because extra awareness and another set of eyes can make a big difference.

Audi pre sense® basic

Standard on all Audi A8 models, Audi pre sense basic can begin closing the side windows and sunroof while also tightening the front safety belts in case of an unexpected event.[1]

Available Audi side assist with Audi pre sense® rear

Available Audi side assist uses radar sensors and two different optical warnings to help keep the driver informed about what is approaching from hard-to-see angles to the side of the vehicle. And if the rear radar sensors detect a critical situation, Audi pre sense rear helps prepare for an impending collision by tensioning the safety belts and partially closing the sunroof and side windows.[1]

Available Audi adaptive cruise control with 
stop & go

Using long-range radar and a camera, the available Audi adaptive cruise control with stop & go helps read the traffic conditions and adjusts the speed, helping to bring the vehicle to a stop before accelerating when traffic flow resumes.[1]

Available Audi active lane assist

Operating at speeds above 40 mph, available Audi active lane assist helps detect when the vehicle begins to leave the lane without signaling. Then, through gentle, corrective steering efforts, it helps the vehicle remain in the lane and vibrates the steering wheel as an additional warning. This way, Audi active lane assist complements the driver’s decision-making process and helps to further solidify the bond between driver and machine.[1]

Available Audi pre sense® plus

The available Audi pre sense plus offers comprehensive driving assistance, with sensors in the front, side and rear. After visual, physical and aural collision warnings, there are four distinct phases for automatic preparation for the unavoidable: an upsurge of brake pressure, safety belt pretensioning, partial braking, and sunroof and window preparation. In severe cases, Audi pre sense plus will engage full braking and deceleration.[1]

Available top view camera system

Available four-camera technology provides an overhead view of your surroundings to help make parking easier. The system can alert you of nearby obstructions to help you maneuver with confidence.[1]
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Available head-up display

Using a system of optical mirrors, the available head-up display projects vehicle speed and other important information in your line of sight. This can help you keep your focus in front of you.[1]