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Our designers prefer to <br/>work ahead of time.
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2018 Audi A8 L Exterior design

In the presence of the timeless.

Iconic status is earned when you come to symbolize an idea. The Audi A8 L embodies what the executive sedan should be. It speaks the language of power and performance in a refined, measured tone. It wasn’t shaped by the ever-changing whims of fashion. Because timeless design doesn’t go out of style.

Singleframe® grille

The unmistakable shape of the Singleframe® grille leads the way. Smoothly integrated into the front fascia, its reach extends from the hood to the front spoiler to open a channel for cooling airflow.

Bold design lines

Our eyes are trained to look for symmetry. Which explains why the Audi A8 L holds your attention. There’s balance from front to rear, and from top to bottom. There’s strength in the fenders’ muscular curves and character in the sculpted Shoulder line. From every angle, the Audi A8 L was shaped to make a bold style statement.

Executive package highlight

In addition to a host of available driver assistance and comfort features, the available Executive package for the Audi A8 L 3.0T features 20" 5-spoke-blade-design wheels and 265/40 all-season tires.[1]
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20-21" Black optic package

If you prefer to arrive in a discreet manner, the available Black optic package features Gloss Black paint on the window frames, front and rear fascia trim and the surrounding trim of the Singleframe® grille. You can also choose from 20" or 21" Titanium finished wheels to complete the look.

2018 Audi S8 plus Exterior design

Every sculpted curve shows a turn of speed.

Your eyes can’t help but move from one distinct design detail to another. You see harmony in the way each subtle crease and contour work together, and you imagine the air flowing over with little resistance. As the most powerful Audi sedan, the Audi S8 plus was shaped in a wind tunnel to help create downforce for stability, to direct air for cooling, to take advantage of the air it slips through.

S model exterior

The Audi S8 plus features a standard rear lip spoiler to help create extra downforce and available Carbon fiber elements that add an exotic touch. Choose from Titanium or high-gloss Anthracite Black finished 21" wheel options and available Black optic plus exterior package to help personalize your S8 plus.

S model Singleframe® grille

The S model Singleframe grille adds a subtle touch of color with standard Platinum Gray or available gloss Black paint on the horizontal bars of the signature style of the Singleframe® grille.

S model quad exhaust outlets

The power of the 605 hp turbocharged 4.0-liter TFSI® V8 engine exits through four Black oval exhaust outlets of the available sport exhaust system. Their shape and design fit neatly under the rear diffuser.

Black optic plus exterior package

On the available Black optic plus exterior package, the Audi S8 plus is treated to high-gloss Black paint around the Singleframe® grille and window frames and Carbon side mirror housing and trunk lid lip spoiler. The package also includes the sport exhaust system for a deep, sporty tone.