Sign language in shorthand.

Sign language in shorthand.
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2018 Audi A8 MMI®

The faster way to reach out.

As your wrist rests on the yacht-style gear selector,[1] you can control a wide array of infotainment systems through the intuitive motions of your hand and fingers. Communication is a twist, press or tap away.[2,3]

MMI® touch with handwriting recognition

Make a call, change a station or find the restaurant you’ve been wanting to try. MMI touch can recognize and read your handwriting, so you can literally spell out your selections.[2,3]
Audi MMI® Navigation plus
New cities can be confusing. The Audi MMI Navigation plus system can help you to find an address through the MMI interface or with voice control on the multi-function steering wheel. Scroll through the menu of options to find your destination, or simply write on the touchpad with handwriting recognition. The retractable display in the center of the dashboard shows your available options and route.[2,3]