Our ideas 
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Our ideas <br/>are always <br/>gaining <br/>traction.
2018 Audi Q3 quattro®
Not averse to 
the adverse.
Every day won’t be 72 and sunny. And stormy weather can put traction at a premium. That’s why we introduced quattro® all-wheel drive over 35 years ago, because four driven wheels are better than two when the road is slippery.
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Available quattro® all-wheel drive

Under normal driving conditions, the majority of engine power is sent to the front axle. As conditions change, the multi-plate clutch engages and can send power to the rear axle, helping to maximize grip. This translates to increased traction and a more confident driving experience.
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Torque Vectoring

To enhance directional stability at higher cornering speeds, Torque vectoring slows the inside wheel by applying minimal, selective braking pulses.[1]

ESC with Offroad mode[2]

Understanding the different requirements of driving off the paved road, Electronic Stability Control (ESC) with Offroad mode can allow for wheel slip before the engagement of stability systems such as traction control (ASR).

Available 19" Offroad design wheels

The 5-double-spoke design of the available 19" Offroad design wheels give the Audi Q3 a rugged, adventurous demeanor.