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2019 Audi Q5 Exterior Design

The right tool can
uncover your journey.
Consider a conventional hammer, and a hammer in a piano. Both strike with precision, but each is distinct in its ability towards artistry and utility. Forging a harmony between the all-new Audi Q5 is a celebration of design, practicality and balance.

Audi Q-model design Singleframe® grille

The unique wide grille on the Audi Q5 emphasizes strength that comes from driving such a versatile vehicle. Aluminum-optic horizontal blades catch the eye, while a three-dimensional Singleframe® grille surround gives this crossover an aggressive countenance.

Aluminum roof rails

Bringing classic Audi aesthetics to practical utility, these lightweight yet strong roof rails expand the storage capability of the Audi Q5 and let you load up to 165 lbs of cargo on the roof rack system.[1]

Available 19" and 20" design wheels

Available 19" and 20" wheels enhance the performance character of the Audi Q5, giving your ride a sporty stance. New for the 2019 Q5, we’ve added a Black Optic package with unique 20" Audi Sport® wheels.
Enhance your Audi Q5 with available design wheels.
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Clamshell power tailgate

The subtlety of the seamless wrap-around design of the clamshell tailgate is mirrored in the practicality of the available hands-free tailgate. The bumper contributes to the vehicle’s aggressive aesthetics, evoking width and power.
Q5 Black optic package
The new available Black optic package gives your Audi Q5 a composition that is as stark as it is distinctive. We achieve a unique look with special Audi Sport® 20" Matte Titanium finish wheels and black accents from the Titanium Black Singleframe® grille to the Matte Black roof rails and many spots in between.

2019 Audi SQ5 Exterior design

Some design notes make
music out of sport.
Body language speaks for itself, and the right cues can tell a powerful story. With a distinct SQ5 Singleframe® grille, available 21" Audi Sport® design wheels and red brake calipers, the Audi SQ5 conveys its message even before you touch the throttle.[2]
SQ5 Black optic package
New for the 2019 model year, the Black optic package on the Audi SQ5 renders a uniquely bold expression. Black optic design elements from the Singleframe® grille to the rear diffuser breathe an aggressive air into the SQ5 aesthetic, while exclusive Audi Sport® 20" 5-arm-rotor design wheels strike a distinctively sporty stance.