A new way to leave the
competition in the dust.

A new way to leave the <br/>competition in the dust.
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2019 Audi Q7 quattro®
A reminder for everyone else
to get a grip.
Without grip, there would be no traction. Every Audi Q7 features the latest advances in quattro® all-wheel drive technology. The system helps you maintain grip by sending power where it’s most effective.[1]

Standard quattro® all-wheel drive

Under most conditions, the quattro® all-wheel drive system’s torque distribution ratio is 40:60 front-to-rear for dynamic handling and performance. A sophisticated self-locking center differential can send as much as 70% of power to the front wheels or 85% to the rear wheels to help maintain control and optimize performance.
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Torque vectoring

To help enhance directional stability around corners, the torque vectoring feature slows the inside cornering wheels by applying minimal, selective braking pulses.
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