Speak with your hands.

Speak with your hands.
2019 Audi Q7 MMI®/Audi virtual cockpit
By studying how we use our hands, we simplified the MMI® interface so you can interact with your vehicle in a way that is natural and instinctive.[1]
Yacht-style throttle gear selector
Operating the MMI® interface comes easier, thanks to the shape and position of the yacht-style gear selector.[2] Your wrist rests naturally on top while you tap, twist and swipe to communicate.[1]

MMI® all-in-touch

Standard MMI all-in-touch[1] features a glass touch
pad with handwriting-recognition technology so you
can simply “write” your entry instead of selecting
individual numbers or letters as found in traditional
systems. The two toggle keys allow you to quickly
select the most common MMI functions.

8.3-inch center infotainment display

The standard 8.3-inch center display is slim yet
generously sized for easy navigation of the vehicle’s
infotainment system.[1]
A futuristic view of
the present.
An information innovation, the available Audi virtual cockpit features two display modes so you can prioritize what you see and how you see it.[1,3]

Classic mode

The gauges in Classic mode are arranged in traditional fashion for ease and familiarity.[3]

Infotainment mode

Infotainment mode changes the focus to your information and entertainment choices, displaying maps to help you find your way and keep your focus on the road.[3]
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Smartphone interface 
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