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We help <br/>make sense of this so <br/>you don’t have to.

2018 Audi TT Driver assistance

The intersection of awareness and support.
We developed driver assistance systems to help make your drive a little less stressful. The Audi TT is equipped with available rear-facing radar technology to help increase awareness during lane changes. The standard parking system plus with rear view camera and front and rear parking sensors help make parking maneuvers more reassuring. Because extra awareness and another set of eyes can make a big difference.[1]

Available Audi side assist

Operating at speeds above 19 mph, available Audi side assist helps notify you of a trailing vehicle in the adjacent lanes. Sophisticated radar behind the rear bumper helps detect vehicles that you may not have noticed and can inform you of their presence with visual warnings via illuminated indicators on the exterior side mirror housings.[1]

Parking system plus with rear camera

Using standard front and rear acoustic parking sensors and a rear view camera, standard parking system plus helps make parking in tight spaces a little less daunting. Based on the position of the steering wheel, the system shows the direction the vehicle is heading within the Audi virtual cockpit display to help guide you.[1]
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