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2018 Audi TT Exterior design

Designed for those who live for the sport 
of it.
Sharing more than iconic style with all-time greats like the Audi R8, the Audi TT was designed for those who live for the sport it. For drivers who think of life as less of a game and more of a sport, we designed the exterior of the Audi TT to mirror the spirit of competition and pure athletic fun. So when you're behind the wheel, you know your only competition is yourself.

Singleframe® grille and large front bumper intakes

The profound absence of the Four-Ring Design® on the wide, diamond-inspired Singleframe® grille of the Audi TT makes it stand out while paying respect to the Audi R8 design language it was born out of. With large front air intakes to help feed its powertrain, the fascia of the Audi TT is as stylish as it is practical.

TT fuel door

Bearing a likeness to the first generation TT, the aluminum tooled fuel door conceals a capless refueling port. Emblazoned with the TT logo, it compliments the racing-inspired look of the vehicle, beckoning you back behind the wheel.

Adaptive rear spoiler

Deploying above 75 mph, the spoiler of the Audi TT puts its sporty looks into motion, helping maintain traction in spirited driving situations.[1] Because a little extra downforce can elevate your drive.

S line® competition package

To give your TT Roadster or Coupe a subtle, personalized look, this package offers Gloss Black exterior touches from the Singleframe grille® surround to the side mirror housings to the Gloss Black fixed rear spoiler. Black exhaust tips finish a sporty silhouette.
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2018 Audi TT Roadster Exterior design

Our designs on bringing the outside in.
Filling the cockpit with air and light is one thing, but engineering a roadster that performs like a coupe is another. Thanks to the tireless designs of our engineers, the Audi TT Roadster offers you and your passenger countless possibilities without a ceiling.

Retractable acoustic soft top

Made with innovative acoustic materials, the acoustic folding roof of the Audi TT Roadster helps keep the interior quiet with the top up and can retract at speeds of up to 31 mph.

2018 Audi TTS Coupe Exterior design

Tracking the line between intelligence and emotion.
Smart looks meet clever engineering in the Audi TTS Coupe. With touches like S model quad exhausts along with available 20" Audi Sport® wheels, the TTS Coupe makes a stylish statement that it can back up with premium performance.

S model Singleframe® grille

With the Four Rings Design® featured on the hood above, the unique large Singleframe® grille of the TTS is adorned with the TTS logo and pronounced vertical teeth to give the Audi TT a fearsome countenance to match its sport pedigree.

Aluminum-optic exterior side mirror housings

A discerning eye can see that these Matte Aluminum-optic mirror housings create a harmony with other distinctive design details of the Audi TTS and gives the mirrors a low-profile look.

S model quad exhaust

Four throaty exhaust outlets are designed with chrome-finished tips to match a sporty look to the articulation of its distinctive exhaust note.

20" Audi Sport® 5-V-spoke design Matte Titanium-finish wheels[2]

These available design wheels are engineered to help maintain Audi TT performance while expanding your aesthetic palette.

Black optic package

Audi Sport® 20" 5-V-spoke design Matte Titanium-finish wheels pair with an Audi exclusive Gloss Black exterior package to give the Audi TT a performance look so iconic, you could say it´s the new black.