How to
leave your competition in the dust.

How to<br/>leave your competition in the dust.

2018 Audi TT quattro®

A reminder for everyone else to get a grip.
The legendary quattro® all-wheel drive system in the Audi TT has been updated to distribute more precision torque where it’s needed most, to help provide maximum grip and control.

Standard quattro® all-wheel drive

The Audi TT quattro® system constantly varies torque delivery to all four wheels via 150 readings every 10 milliseconds, can be controlled through the Audi drive select system. It provides enhanced directional stability at cornering speeds, helping to give you confidence at every turn.
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Torque vectoring

To help enhance directional stability around corners, the quattro® system slows the inside cornering wheels by applying minimal, selective braking pulses.[1]

2018 Audi TTS quattro®

Confident freedom within your grasp.
A vehicle’s performance on the road is only as strong as its ability to stay on it. The quattro® system in the Audi TTS helps give you more grip where you need it, for a more confident ride.

quattro® all-wheel drive with Dynamic mode adjustment

Active torque distribution according to your Audi drive select setting allows you to tailor your driving feel to your mood. More torque to the rear axle in Dynamic mode helps provide enhanced directional stability in spirited driving situations, helping to give you confidence at every turn.[1]