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Should your Audi vehicle be damaged in a collision, we want to help ensure that you have access to a repair facility that meets not only our high standards for workmanship, integrity and safety, but your standards as well.
Take a moment to familiarize yourself with this brochure. It reminds you to gather important information at the collision scene, and helps you work with the police and your insurance company. It also advises you to insist on Audi Authorized Collision Repair, and explains why an Audi Authorized Collision Repair Facility is your best choice.
Your rights as a consumer.
Whether you financed the purchase of your Audi or you are leasing it, collision insurance is required. This helps protect you and the finance company by helping to ensure sufficient funds are available to repair the vehicle in case of a collision. Certain consumer rights are included with the purchase of an automotive insurance policy.[1]
• The insurance company must provide you a copy of your policy. Read it carefully to make sure you understand your rights under the terms of the policy.
• You may cancel or change insurance at any time. You don’t have to wait until your policy is up for renewal.[2]
• While an insurer may recommend a repair facility, you have the right to decide where to have your Audi repaired, unless that right is limited by your insurance policy.[2]
• Please have your insurance company contact Audi of America for details on the Audi Authorized Collision Repair Program.
• Insist that your insurer and repair facility agree to the use of Audi Genuine Parts and Audi approved repair procedures to make all repairs.[3]
• By choosing an Audi Authorized Collision Repair Facility,[4] you help ensure that the correct parts and procedures are used to repair your Audi.
In the event of a collision, we suggest the following:
• No matter how minor the collision,
stop in a safe, well-lit area.
• Notify the local police. Ask for an ambulance if necessary.
• Have your driver’s license, registration and insurance information ready when the police arrive.
• Write down the names and phone numbers of the occupants of any vehicle(s) involved, any witnesses, and, if possible, information on any injured parties.
• Use your phone’s camera or keep a camera in your glove box to document the vehicles and the scene.
• If necessary, contact Audi Roadside Assistance at one of the numbers below, and have your vehicle towed to your Audi Authorized Collision Repair Facility.
• Notify your insurance company.
You have the right to decide where your vehicle will be repaired, unless that right is limited by your insurance policy.
Contact your local Audi dealership for the nearest Audi Authorized Collision Repair Facility, or contact:
Audi Customer Experience Center:
1.800.822.AUDI (2834)
Audi Roadside Assistance:
1.866.478.3456 (for A8, S8 and R8 owners)
Why you should demand repairs by an Audi Authorized Collision Repair Facility.
• Eligible customers receive complimentary towing via Audi Roadside Assistance [5] to one of over 160 Audi Authorized Collision Repair Facilities in the U.S.
• For vehicles constructed with high-strength steel or steel and aluminum, like a 2017 Audi Q7, take it to an Audi Authorized Hybrid Construction Collision Repair Facility for certified repairs.
• Audi vehicles that are constructed with advanced materials like steel/aluminum (hybrid construction), aluminum (Audi Space Frame [ASF®]), and/or aluminum/carbon fiber (ultra® advanced lightweight materials) are as unique as their drivers. Therefore, the availability of certain parts needed for repair, restoration, or reconstruction will be restricted, or parts will be unavailable, if the vehicle is not repaired at an authorized Audi collision repair facility. This includes but is not limited to structural parts which require specialized training and equipment to restore their crashworthiness back to the original NHTSA and IIHS performance ratings.[6]
• These facilities have made extensive investments in Audi specified tooling to help ensure that their technical staff has the right tools for all repairs.
• Audi Genuine Parts are engineered, manufactured and tested to help maintain the original performance and restore the structural integrity of your Audi after repair.
• A limited warranty covers all Audi Genuine Parts.[7]
• Audi trained repair technicians use factory-approved procedures that help produce safer repairs and may get you back on the road in less time.
• Audi Approved Repair Facilities are the only facilities that are factory-authorized to repair Audi ASF aluminum construction.
• Limited lifetime warranty on paint repairs through OEM paint suppliers.[8]