We don’t drive
around in circles
for nothing.

We don’t drive <br/>around in circles <br/>for nothing.

2018 Audi RS 7 Chassis

An eye for the corners. A nose for the apex.
What we’ve learned from countless laps on some of the world’s toughest circuits is what you’ll feel through the turns. There’s the composure and balance of a precisely tuned suspension that makes you look forward to the next turn.

Dynamic steering

An integral part of Audi drive select, Dynamic steering can change the steering ratio and level of power assistance. For relaxed highway travel, steering effort decreases and the ratio is less direct. For performance driving situations, Dynamic steering changes to a more direct ratio for faster steering response and reduces power assistance for enhanced steering feel.

Audi drive select

Fine-tune your setup without a pit crew.
With Audi drive select, you can choose the way your RS 7 responds to the road. Each mode offers different settings for the chassis, steering and transmission shift program. Choose from Comfort, Auto, Dynamic or Individual mode to suit the way you want to drive.

Audi drive select—Comfort mode

Comfort mode favors a softer suspension and boosted steering power assistance that is ideal for long-distance travel.[1]
Audi drive select—Auto mode
Auto mode provides the most balanced engine and chassis response.
Audi drive select—Dynamic mode
Dynamic mode provides the best chassis settings for performance driving conditions.[1] The suspension[2] is optimized for handling and body control, the steering is heavier for a more direct feel, and the shift pattern is tuned for more immediate response.

RS-tuned Audi adaptive air suspension

The Audi adaptive air suspension was designed to provide both handling control and ride comfort. Sophisticated air suspension springs allow for speed-dependent lowering of the body for a lower center of gravity and improved directional response and stability.
Let us show you how RS-tuned Audi adaptive air suspension works.
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Wave-design disc brakes

The Audi RS 7 is equipped with specially designed brakes that are shaped to help optimize dynamic weight, circulate air and reduce brake fade. Brake calipers are available with an optional Red painted finish.

2018 Audi RS 7 performance Chassis

Form a special bond with the tarmac.
For the more-powerful RS 7 performance model, Audi Sport developed the DRC® suspension system. Advanced hydraulically controlled dampers respond in milliseconds to help make the Audi RS 7 feel another step closer to the circuit.

DRC® suspension system

DRC®­—Body pitch control

Working with a host of sensors that monitor vehicle motion, the hydraulic DRC dampers can increase pressure to help counter dive under heavy braking or squat during acceleration, helping the Audi RS 7 feel like it’s on an even keel.

DRC®—Body roll control

When cornering forces cause the body to roll to one side, the DRC dampers increase pressure to help reduce body roll and maintain cornering stability.

Audi ceramic brakes, front and rear

Much like the braking systems found in race cars, the RS 7 performance is equipped with Audi ceramic brakes. Lighter than traditional cast-iron brake discs, ceramic discs are also more resistant to brake fade.