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Definition of Audi Sport®
A powerful meaning takes shape.
Some symbols are so imbued with meaning that they don̕t need to be defined. Others, like the RS badging, have defined “racing sport” for generations.

2018 Audi TT RS Exterior design

We’re redefining the appeal play.
Concepts of beauty change fast. With the all-new Audi TT RS, a bold Coupe silhouette and succinct lines, along with a bold fixed rear wing spoiler, ensure that attraction remains a constant.

RS model Singleframe® grille with honeycomb pattern

A tessellation of hexagonal design elements in the Singleframe® grille and front air intakes connect sporty style with functionality. A quattro® script on the grille surround along with an available Gloss Black grille set the Audi TT RS apart to the discriminating eye.

Matte Aluminum-optic mirror housings

A discerning eye can see that these Matte Aluminum-optic mirror housings create a harmony with other distinctive design details of the TT RS and give the mirrors a low-profile look.

Fixed rear wing spoiler

This inspiring rear wing spoiler not only emphasizes the sport character of the Audi TT RS, it helps you make the most of its slippery 0.32 coefficient of drag.

Rear diffuser

A specially designed rear bumper distinguishes the Audi TT RS with a touch of Matte Aluminum-optic and unique dual exhaust tips.
Feel the sportiness of the new Audi TT RS.
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Available OLED taillights with dynamic rear turn signals

All-new organic LED lighting elements utilize many thin layers of semiconductor material to produce vibrant, precise light that indicates where you̕re headed in more ways than one.

Available 20'' 7-spoke forged design Galvano Silver-finish wheels

Engineered to help maintain the performance you expect from your Audi TT RS, these eye-catching rims deliver sporty looks with their distinctive 7-spoke design.

Black optic package

Featuring 20" forged Gloss Anthracite wheels, a Gloss Singleframe® Black grille surround and side mirror housings, along with Gloss Black touches throughout the exterior of the vehicle, this package helps illuminate the dark side of your Audi TT RS.